Everything You Need To Know About Waterless Car Wash In India

Richa Verma
4 min readApr 23, 2020


For every car owner, keeping their car clean is an absolute priority. But do you know there is an alternative way to wash your car without using liters of water?

When we think about the car wash, you will mostly picture getting your car doused in soup solution and water, scrubbing your car, cleaning with rags of cloth or sponge. There is nothing wrong with this, except wasting liters of water that could fill a small tub. Considering how scarce freshwater has become in India, we should be more efficient in cutting down its usage as much as possible.


You must have heard about waterless car wash or dry car wash but might not have any idea what it is. With this, you are not only saving water but protecting the environment too. Also, it’s a much better way to keep your car clean.

In this post, we are going to know more about waterless car wash in India, its basics and results that can be achieved by adopting waterless car wash technique to wash your car.

What do you mean by waterless car wash in India?

It is an eco-friendly car wash that utilizes practically no water. Other times, it is also called ‘dry wash’ or ‘waterless car wash’.

Waterless car wash

Waterless car wash is simpler to do than a customary car wash while creating precisely the same outcome ! It’s a win-win situation for every car owner. This also helps in servicing your car in small spaces while saving a large amount of water.

Products used in a waterless car wash are far more advanced than soup or cleanser utilized for a portable car wash as they have to make up for the absence or lack of water. In this manner, the effectiveness of such type of wash is generally better than utilizing water-based techniques.

Furthermore, while doing a waterless car wash in India, you just need to spray few ml of Go Waterless 100% Eco-friendly plant base product on your micro fiber towel as opposed to utilizing between 100 to 200 liters of clean water when using a hose or pipe.

How does an Eco-friendly Car Wash without water work ?

A waterless car wash utilizes a liquid of high lubricity to clean and wash a vehicle. The liquid has high lubricity that encases residue and dust particles. This process is more efficient in removing dirt particles than water.

A car wash service will spray the outside of the car and afterward wipe it off. It expels any stains from the car’s surface, making it look clean and shiny. Also, this is only suggested for cars with light dirt, not vehicles with dried mud on them.

Cleaning down your car with a waterless car wash liquid is a much better option as water can sometimes get inside of the car and damage its interior. However, in waterless car wash, you just need a microfiber towel to wipe the liquid.

A microfiber towel has high absorption power, which assists with easily wiping liquid off the car. In case, the waterless car wash item is utilized effectively; it won’t harm or scratch your car’s paint.

What is the Ecological Impact of a Waterless Car Wash ?

Most car wash services and home wash utilize tremendous amount of water as they use a cleanser to clean the car ( and as quick as could reasonably be expected! ). Most of us don’t know, washing a car in our home is one of the most environmentally unfriendly chores we do.

Water runs off from your car and goes down the drain. The water is usually loaded with a harsh detergent, oil from the vehicle, residue from exhaust fume, and so on. It eventually reaches rivers and streams, which further contaminate water and poison aquatic life.

This careless water waste and pollution endanger many village people who depend on water from the river for cleaning purpose or for watering their crops.

So Think Green. Choosing dry car wash, it not only saves tons of water but also helps in reducing water pollution.

Environmentally-friendly products used

Most expert car washer utilizes homemade liquid by blending many types of high lubricity liquid. We recommend you not to do so except if you are an expert.

Go waterless’ car wash company in India utilises an exclusive waterless car wash equation that is a standout amongst other premium waterless car wash spray in India. They developed a plant-based lubricant spray using nanotechnology to remove dirt from car. This spray is non-corrosive, with zero chemicals as well as economical for everyone.

Save Water, Save Life

‘Save water, Save life,’ this saying cannot be more accurate. The rapidly growing population is putting a strain on our natural resources, especially water.

Go Waterless

Many cities are now at risk of running out of fresh drinking water. One such initiative taken by ‘Go Waterless’ a Mumbai based company, founded by 36-year-old entrepreneur Nitin Sharma is leading the race by motivating people around the world to switch towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of washing cars.

Go Waterless is a door-step waterless car wash company in India. Now, without wasting a single water drop, we can wash your car and make it look like new. We believe waterless car wash in India is our new future, therefore we encourage more people to go waterless.